About us

VentureLab@SLU was founded with the intention to once again allow Alnarp students interested in entrepreneurship whatever support these individuals may need. We want to contribute to the creation of a more entrepreneurial culture on campus, where the choice to pursue a career within the realm of entrepreneurship should be just as obvious as finding a job in industry or through academia. Beyond this, VentureLab@SLU also aims to bridge the gap between two of southern Sweden's best universities by creating venues that allow people with very different competences to meet. 

The organization is run by SLU Holding, with financial support from Partnerskap Alnarp, VentureLab in Lund and Region Skåne.

The collaboration between SLU and VentureLab is historically unique, giving SLU Holding an opportunity to make use of VentureLabs vast knowledge, skills and network attained over the past 20 years and VentureLab access to a university specialized in life sciences. 

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