Developing an idea-rich and challenge-driven culture at SLU Alnarp

We want to develop a more idea-, development- and challenge-driven culture at SLU Alnarp - to make this campus an obvious place for students who want to develop new ideas, innovations, or start organisations and companies that contribute to a better and more positive future. Creating amazing events is an important part of this work - events meant to inspire and support students to believe in, and realise their ideas. Our events are open to anyone; but mainly focused on students at Alnarp, and will suit anyone curious about starting a company, or just changing the world for the better.


Events for everyone

We strive to create content relevant for all students at SLU Alnarp. This means some events will be in Swedish, some in English, with ever changing themes to suit all the different areas of study. Some are meant to be more inspiring, others to give our changemakers and entrepreneurs to right tools to succeed on their journeys. People have different needs, and we want to make sure those needs are met. Have an idea about an event concept, or perhaps a great changemaker, entrepreneur or role-model you’d like us to invite for an event? Get in touch, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Our events


The Inspirationlunch is our most reoccuring event. It’s usually organized in Alnarpsgårdens foyer during lunch, about 2-4 times per semester, when we take the opportunity to invite an interesting company, entrepreneur or changeagent to tell their tale, detail their start-up journey, or talk about their company/innovation. Who would you invite?



Our trendspotting events occur about 1 time per semester, and are most often held in english. During these events we invite interesting researchers at both SLU and Lund University, different companies and organizations or driven changemakers to discuss a hot topic, current trends and possibilities for change.


VentureLab has organized several hackatons in Lund and Helsingborg in the past, but nothing in Alnarp - at least not yet. But we’ve got something interesting brewing - so be sure to check back! :)


Our organization works with new ideas and innovation support, not only at the student level, but also at the event level; meaning we’ll experiment with new event concepts on a regular basis. Have a crazy idea for an event? Get in touch, and maybe we’ll do something together!

Our collaboration with Lund University och Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs

Most of our events are open for students at Lund University, just like several of VentureLab’s events in Lund and Helsingborg are open to students at SLU; with interesting lectures, panel discussions, hackatons or workshops of various kinds. With regard to the latter, we see a huge potential to connect students at both universities to solve different challenges; creating transdisciplinary teams maximizing the unique knowledge and competences in both Alnarp and Lund.

This opportunity to access knowledge across university borders expanded in 2018, when VentureLab@SLU joined Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs, an international collaboration meant to facilitate meetings, knowledgetransfer and use of resources with some of Denmarks largest universities. This creates opportunities for us to visit our partner universities to attend events, and to invite Danish students to our own events!

Sustainable development

Our sustainability work is currently in a very early phase. But we strive to:

Vårt hållbarhetsarbete är ännu i sin linda, men vi strävar efter följande:

  • Have close to zero presenters/workshop leaders flown in to our events

  • Offer our guests a plant-based diet as a standard, with animal products as option. (which makes ordering food a lot easier, as a plant-based diet is often the lowest common denominator, and something our students most often ask for)

  • When possible, offer our guests foods produced in Sweden

  • Exchange single-use cutlery for multiple use alternatives