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Application for summer scholarship 2019

Important dates 2019

  • Application period: March 25 - May 5

  • Deadline: May 5, 23.59

  • Decision: May 10

Practical information

VentureLabs summer scholarship aims to give students at SLU Alnarp a chance to try their business ideas during the summer period. Our funds can be used to purchase for example, services and equipment necessary to test your idea, or as a financial support to pay things like rent, during the time you’re working on your idea. The idea can be recently “hatched” or something you’ve already started working on, where you a financial boost to keep going.

 Once we’ve decided upon who will receive the scholarship, unless otherwise agreed upon, we will highlight the winners by name and idea (short description without sensitive details) on our homepages and social media platforms.

 If you’re more than one person (a team) applying, we’d like for each of you to apply individually. But be aware that our funds are limited and we want as many projects as possible to get the opportunity to test their ideas. Because of this, we normally only award one scholarship per project.

To help you in the best possible way with your idea, VentureLab and SLU Holding will offer all applicants a short idea-development meeting when the application period ends, as well as after the summer period. This is a great opportunity to get free and confidential support, access to our networks, and to learn more about the opportunities our university and innovation office has to offer (for example other financial options to test your idea).

These funds will be offered as a scholarship. We ask of nothing in return, but hope that you honor your application and do your best to test your idea, if we choose to award you with funding. By applying for this scholarship, you agree that we will save and use your personal information. You can read more about our privacy policy (GDPR) here.


The Application Process

In order to process your application, the formal criteria listed below need to be met. We will thereafter assess your application according to our assessment criteria. Read these thoroughly and follow the instructions to make your application as awesome as it can be.

Formal application criteria

To be granted our scholarship, you:

  • have to be enrolled at SLU Alnarp, having collected at least 1 credit during the last year

  • intend to work with your project during the summer period (June-August)

  • need to have a Swedish social security number (“personnummer” alt. “samordningsnummer”.) If you are an exchange student and won’t have time to get a “samordningsnummer”, we accept a temporary number issued by for example the University.

  • need to have a Swedish bank account


Assessment criteria

We will assess the following criteria when determining which projects will be awarded a scholarship:

  • Long-term potential

  • Level of innovation / uniqueness

  • Your drive to test the idea

  • How our funding will help your project

  • Your description of what you seek to accomplish during the summer

  • How your project aims to work with sustainable development

It’s a plus, but not necessary to have been in touch with the innovation support system with this idea prior to sending in your application to us.


The Process in short

If all the formal criteria are met, the whole process will look something like this:

  • The application is downloaded, filled in, and sent in according to instructions on this page

  • We read and assess your application based on our criteria

  • Final decision on who gets the scholarship will be revealed before/on May 10.


Have any questions regarding our scholarship? Get in touch here.


Good luck!