Summer Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Students at SLU Alnarp

Sitting on an exiting idea you're just longing to try out, or perhaps you've recently started something and need more funding to continue? 

Apply for our summer scholarship and work with your business idea during the summer! We, together with our sponsors Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, are giving away a total of 25.000 SEK. Apply today!


The application

Send your application (Max. 2 A4-pages, pictures and illustrations go as appendices)  to with the following information before May 27th, 24.00: 

  • A clear description of your idea following the NABC-format (Need, Approach, Benefits, Competition)
    • i.e. what Needs are you addressing with your idea?
    • What's your Approach?
    • What Benefits have you identified?
    • Are there any Competitors? If so, who?
    • A project plan describing how you intend to use your time and money during the projects' immediate future
    • A letter motivating why you should be awarded the scholarship


    The applicant

    • Must be enrolled as a student at SLU (Alnarp) 
    • Must have a Swedish social security number, alternatively a coordination number. For international students visiting for less than a year, and therefore can not get a coordination number, temporary numbers from the University will be accepted as well
    • Must have a Swedish bank account


    Additional information

    • Last day to apply is May 27th
    • Scholarship winner(s) will be notified before June 1st
    • If you have any questions about the scholarship, please email or call us at +46(0)702591758


    Frequently asked questions

    (I) Question: how should the time plan/project plan be formatted?

    Answer: Start by describing where in the start-up process you are. Some projects have been ongoing for some time, while others were just initiated, or have not started yet. Continue with a short description of how you intend to work with the project during the summer months (jun-aug), after which you may delve deeper into the economics of your venture - how you intend to your the money you're applying for (i.e. investments or other uses - se question 2.)


    (II) Question: Do I have to specify a budget? 

    Answer: No. What's important is that we get an idea of how you intend to use the scholarship. Do you need to buy anything specific to succeed with your idea? Like for instance, ingredients to a new food product/pilot study, machinery, a new homepage, or maybe something to cover the cost for a programmer to develop a new app?


    (III) Question: If I win the scholarship, when will the funds be transferred to my account?

    Answer: Our intention is to transfer the money during the period June-July.